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Dual Fuel Burner
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Dual Fuel Burner-30

Dual Fuel Burner-30


Dual Fuel Burner-30

product description

Gas& Oil Dual Fuel Burner (Air Atomization)
TypeFuelMaximum Gas Consumption(Cubic Meter/H)Adjusting Range
(Cubic Meter/H)
Flame Detection ModeOutput Heating
Control ModeIgnition ModePower Supply/VMotor Power
Burner Power
Weight/KGFOB Price
Matched Boiler Weight/TonValve Group Caliber/MMValve Group NumberFire Concentrating Cap Diameter/MM
ZXOQM-80D-40RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.5010-50Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection200000-400000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition3801.15004124770.7DN402165
ZXOQM-80D-60RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.7515-75Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection300000-600000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition3801.17005434621DN402185
ZXOQM-80D-90RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.11323-113Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection450000-9000000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition3801.110006050771.5DN402210
ZXOQM-80D-120RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.15030-150Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection600000-1200000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition3801.514006058462DN502210
ZXOQM-80D-180RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.22545-225Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection900000-1800000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition380321007876923DN502260
ZXOQM-80D-240RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.30060-300Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection1200000-2400000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition3807.52800137113084DN652260
ZXOQM-80D-360RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.45090-450Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection1200000-3600000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition38094200174170776DN802350
ZXOQM-80D-480RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.600120-600Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection1600000-4800000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition38095600366197698DN802355
ZXOQM-80D-600RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.750150-750Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection2000000-6000000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition3801570003662892310DN1002355
ZXOQM-80D-900RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.1125225-1125Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection2250000-9000000Smooth proportional controlElectronic ignition38022105004504200015DN1252515
ZXOQM-80D-2100RAll liquid fuel and natural gas,etc.2500225-1125Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection5000000-21000000Smooth proportional control/two- stage controlElectronic ignition380552450080077099


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