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Oil Burner

Oil Burner


1.By adopting advanced low pressure media atomized spray gun, the burner features energy conservation,environmental friendly and powerful adaptability to various quality oil. 2.Both of the oil pump and the fan adopt vari-frequency control technology so as to decrease the complexity of the traditional mechanical ratio modulation system and enhance the systemreliability. 3.The heavy oil can burn directly no need of traditional switch between light oil and heavy oil. 4.By adopting tailored fun,the shape of flame can be controlled very easily and decreases abiation towards the flame chamber so that it can gets longer lifecycle.

product description

Oil Burner(Air Atomization)
TypeFuelMaximum Oil Consumption(KG/H)Adjusting Range
( KG/H)
Flame Detection ModeOutput Heating/KCalControl ModeIgnition ModeNozzle NumberPower Supply/VMotor Power
Burner Power
Weight/KGMatched Boiler Weight/TonFire Concentrating Cap Diameter/MM
ZXOQM-80-10RAll liquid fuel100-10Ion needle detection0-100,000One-stageElectronic ignition12200.1214080.2
ZXOQM-80-20RAll liquid fuel2010-20Ion needle detection100,000-200,000One-stageElectronic ignition12200.37240150.3
ZXOQM-80-30RAll liquid fuel3015-30Ion needle detection150,000-300,000Two- stageElectronic ignition12200.55350300.5130
ZXOQM-80-60RAll liquid fuel6030-60Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection300,000-600,000Two- stageElectronic ignition13801.1700541165
ZXOQM-80-90RAll liquid fuel9045-90Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection450,000-900,000Two- stageElectronic ignition13801.11000601.5210
ZXOQM-80-120RAll liquid fuel12060-120Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection600,000-1200,000Two- stageElectronic ignition13801.51400602210
ZXOQM-80-180RAll liquid fuel18090-180Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection900,000-1800,000Two- stageElectronic ignition238032100783260
ZXOQM-80-240RAll liquid fuel240120-240Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection1200,000-2400,000Two- stageElectronic ignition23807.528001374260
ZXOQM-80-360RAll liquid fuel360120-360Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection1200,000-3600,000Two- stageElectronic ignition3380942001746350
ZXOQM-80-480RAll liquid fuel480160-480Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection1600,000-4800,000Two- stageElectronic ignition3380956003668355
ZXOQM-80-600RAll liquid fuel600200-600Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection2000,000-6000,000Two- stageElectronic ignition338015700036610355
ZXOQM-80-900RAll liquid fuel900225-900Ion needle and photoresistor dual detection2250,000-9000,000Two- stageElectronic ignition4380221050045015515


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